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Coraline Hastings ★ Twenty-one ★ Former Child Star ★ Phoebe Tonkin

  • She has a large library full of nicknames, and she loves all of them. If you come up with a brand new/original one she will love you forever.
  • Most often recognized from her breakout role in Life with Daisy (Nickelodeon Show - Think Zoey 101 / Victorious), and then for her subsequent roles in other shows as she aged. 
  • Would disappear for bits of time here and there but would always end up showing up somewhere again. 
  • Due to being in the spotlight from such a young age she never really had the normal coming of age time, and is thus going through a lot of that now and trying to figure out who she really is. 
  • Isn’t having the easiest of times figuring any of this adult stuff out. 
  • Seriously confused about her sexuality and has a horrible tendency of jumping back and forth from guys to girls. And it’s not a few months thing, it’s more like every few weeks she’s changing her mind sort of thing. 
  • She’s not a slut or anything though as she just tends to jump between one guy and one girl at a time, until one of them gets tired of her shit and tells her to go mosey on down the river. Only then will she move on to someone new; brownie points for at least being faithful to the same two people though? Right? Haha. 
  • If anyone wants to be one of her ex’s / people she’s messed with or even is messing with please let me know! 
  • Personality wise Cor tends to jump from one extreme to the other. One moment she’s super loud and out there, willing to do any crazy thing that someone dares her to. And the next she’s very subdued and doesn’t talk a lot. It’s almost as if she expels all of her energy and then needs to go into super reserve mode until she’s able to build it all back up again. 
  • She doesn’t take too well  to confrontation and tends to shut down most of the time, or answer all of the questions with a smart ass overly sarcastic answers - which can be very annoying at times. 
  • Is the type of person who would stop to help a turtle cross the road. 
  • Her publicist hates her as she’s a little bit too open about…. Everything. 
  • Dreams of one day staring in a horror movie - she won’t believe that she’s made it in the industry until she gets her shot at doing that. 
  • Once she got drunk and told a whole gaggle of paparazzi’s that she was the next Lady Gaga.
  • Still a work in progress, just love her. Okay? 

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