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HANNAH BANANA I’VE MISSED YOU TOOOOOOO !!! Excuse me while I buy myself a boat so that I can bring myself all of the way there to hug you. 

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  • alias: kayy
  • age: old enough for internet porn
  • timezone: est
  • favorite food: anything that doesn’t involve me cooking.
  • favorite tv shows: teen wolf, the tomorrow people, supernatural, dream high, OTH, BTVS, lost girl, orphan black, reign, the 100, misfits, ( carries on for another hundred years )….. 
  • best roleplay experience: It’s been a long time but uhm… mfftw? sistf ( I think that was it ) I don’t know. It’s been well over a year since I’ve rp’ed on a site, so my memory is a little rusty… 
  • favorite roleplaying plots: impromptu ones, where you don’t plan anything but the characters just click so well that you can’t help but naturally continue to do things with them. other than that give me big group plots with lots of squared drama. or family stuff where there’s a lot of history - anger - resentment and hurt feelings, those are always fun too. basically angst and/or cute stuff, or a combination of the two. 
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I told her if she built it, I would come. So here I am saying that I will be here, doing this thing. I have no idea what I am doing yet, but hello.

I think the only way I would rp again at this point would be using kpop faces. They’re just all so lovely and adorable. Case in point - 

Only issue is that pretty much everyone in the rp’ing world is so stuck in their little boxes of generic/boring face claims that there is a good chance that I would be the only outwardly ethnic face on the entire board. That is if Cherrie and KJ weren’t there anyway.

Which leads to the fact that I probably wouldn’t ever join. 

I actually really like the sounds of this, especially the no face claims/reserves/claiming in the tags nonsense.


We will be doing an activity check soon on the site. We will be looking for anyone who hasn’t posted in 5+ days, and those characters who haven’t posted will be marked inactive and their faces are going to be back up for grabs.

So make sure you’re posting on all of your character accounts (yes even that guy character you made just so you could make another girl) and that everything is in order so that you don’t get marked inactive.

That is all xoxo

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if anyone wants to do anything with coraline or dylan just let me know! i’m trying to plot and just randomly harass everyone at some point. so don’t be surprised if i sneak attack you xoxo

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zane wants to pet cora’s boobs (8 … (8

cora approves of that entire statement…. even if it is about a cat xoxo :3 

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